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Garlic marinade Garlic marinade

Our flagship product

Garlic marinade. An exceptional product

If there is something that defines us since our beginnings is marinated garlic. In the early 70s, when it occurred to us to put garlic in a jar nobody knew this product and since, we work to bring this healthy food to households. Since the original garlic with vinegar, we have developed more than a dozen of different varieties. Among them, mild garlic with olive oil, with herbs, with hot pepper, with black olive paste, with curry, cocktail, with honey, spicy honey, in extra virgin olive oil, etc.

We produce tons of garlic, with a width of range that can't be found anywhere else and our process is unique and it has been refined over the years. Eliminating the strong flavor of the raw material, our garlics surprise in mouth and they become a perfect appetizer or salad ingredient that will leave us with a pleasant taste.